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Art Lessons Singapore- Convenient Art Classes in Singapore

Professional Art Teachers From Renowned Schools such as Nafa and Sota or notible art courses from various Colleges. At Affordable Prices!

   Always wanted to draw or paint or to improve on your current ability?


  hoping to hone your art skill and make something for your loved ones?


   Ever Wanted to unleash your fullest potential in creativity and critical thinking?

Learning Art might seem like a daunting skill especially to those without artistic talent, however, little do people know that everyone started off small. And that Practice does make perfect! Did you know that many famous artist just started with simple things such as lines and simple colours and got famous through determination and hard work?

Learning art can be affordable and beneficial with the right teacher and art classes in Singapore. We have the teachers to help you hone and improve your skills! In addition, we have the art materials which can help you with your development!


Mastering Art can be Fun or Challenging, Depending On Your Determination And Hard work And With The Guidance of Your Teacher at Art Lessons Singapore

Mastering art is not an easy task as art requires a lot of creativity and mastering the basics techniques first such as shapes, lines and colours. Learning these basic techniques in the early stages can remove future problems with the form of your art.

That is why having art lessons SO IMPORTANT!

Location of Art Lessons

We understand that everyone has their own time constraints and sometimes distance can be a problem for you. Thus, we have a few locations which are available and we also do provide private lessons for a slightly higher price! Different Timings are also catered to the majority so that more people will be able to attend the classes!

Unlike most centres where the lessons can only be conducted at 1 specific location with cramp places, we have many places which you will be able to learn art at a comfortable and spacious facility.

The Selection Of An Excellent Art Teacher

All of our art teachers have teaching experience of more than 1 year. In addition, they have acquired teaching methodology at leading Art Schools abroad or locally. In fact, some of them still teach at prestigious arts schools or schools in Singapore.

In addition, they have a proven track record of grooming students. Only then, they are selected to join our database.

Quick and Easy To Find An Amazing Art class for ALL AGES In Singapore... Only Here...

Information about the Art Classes In Singapore

1) Level of Knowledge of subject

Do you want to start from the basics and learn the proper techniques to the various art forms and shapes? Many students who had already passed this stage still come back to hone their skills regularly.

Is your child still young and you would like to use art to develop some of his critical thinking, creativity or talent in Art? Sign Up Now for our Art classes catered to children 3-9

2) Preferred Date And Timings

We Normally place classes where majority of our students are free such as Saturday morning or weekday afternoons. Alternatively, Request from us private teachers who are able to work within your preferred schedule. With this, you ONLY pay for the lessons that you utilize. And lessons are done during your free time.

3) Art Equipment Purchase

Do not have any Art Equipment yet? You can purchase high quality art materials at a competitive price with us. Convenience is our main priority so that you do not have to go round searching for the materials.

Free Personalized Art Lesson Making Sessions With The Best Art Teachers Which can develop your talent, imagination, creativity and Love for Art

Imagine Yourself or your child in the future where he or she will be able to turn a blank piece of canvas into a beautiful artistry. Wouldn't that feeling be just fulfilling. The Benefits of learning Art is just countless!

All this is possible! If you will just take the first step to contact us to book your first appointment

Continued Customer Service Throughout The Duration Lessons

We strongly believe in feedback from customers and long term relationships. Every feedback matters as we continue to strive for better art education and lessons for every single student.

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Learning at Art Lesson Singapore has broadened my child's ability to think creatively and develop her visual skills!

The teacher recommended is exceptionally patience with children and engages them in fun activities. My Son, Justin is totally hooked on arts now thanks to you guys!

Mrs Chan

art classes singapore

Art Lessons That are catered to my abilities and pushes me further!

I used to think that art was difficult to master till i had lessons. Now, making an art piece is second nature to me because of the basic skills I've learnt. Thank you Art Lessons Singapore

Tivona Lee


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